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Markaate Store is a website owned by Asar Al-Taklufah Est. for Trading specialized in perfumes,cosmetics and gifts. licensed  with commercial registry number No:(4030380553)  A Markaate store specializes in selling the most famous international and original perfume and cosmetics brands and latest products in the world of women's and men's, children's perfumes and perfume collections at very competitive prices. Our collection always meets the level of taste of our customer’s perfumes, whether they are men's or women's perfumes, modern and new high-end, at very reasonable prices and competitive, to win the trust of our valued customers.


Our first goal is that you enjoy online shopping journey, and a distinguished service that will make you and satisfied.


We have more than 10,000 original products certified from the best international perfume and beauty brands, at very reasonable prices and we strive to choose excellent quality. We take care of your opinion of all perfumes and our products on our site and share our products bin family, friends and colleagues and we strive to be the first market for perfumes and cosmetics on the Internet and the appropriate and best place in the Kingdom and the Gulf to provide electronic shopping services for perfumes, makeup and cosmetics.


Markaate store is a registered trademark, and a Saudi Establishment specialized in electronic commerce and one of the subsidiaries sites owned by the Asar Al-Taklufah Est. for Trading. and officially registered with the commercial record number 4030380553 at the Ministry of commerce and Investment. It is also registered with a Maroof service No. 115723 to increase our business confidence in front of your customers and This is our page on Maroof  website:https://maroof.sa/115723


We look forward to spreading and covering all needs of customers in all parts of the Kingdom and the Gulf of oud, oriental perfumes, various western perfumes, cosmetics and makeup as we aim to maintain the best quality while maintaining competitive prices.


Markaate store are keen to share their customers, their joys and celebrate all occasions, and to be present with them always through their perfumes wherever they are, and from this standpoint we will strive in every occasion in providing the best offers and discounts on all perfumes and makeup

30 years’ experience, and an authorized distributor of more than 150 international brands.

Headquarters: Jeddah - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

You can contact our customer service via our account at social networks, or by phone at +9660000000 daily from 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
We adopt secure payment tools. We use encryption techniques that respect different banking rules. We do offer cache on delivery
Submit your order to your door through locating your position on the map, just drop the pin on your location on the map.
You have the right to change your mind for a week from the date you purchased the order and you can easily exchange or return your product through the store.
Get your card and use it with all your orders to get points and take advantage of promotional offers.